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Registry Cleaner Reviews: Which Is The Best?

I am often asked which is the best registry cleaner on the market at the moment. You will find just by doing a quick search on the Internet that there are literally hundreds of different registry cleaners available. Below you can read our registry cleaner reviews of the top 5 tools on the web, with an unbiased, in-depth, side by side, registry cleaner comparison. Read on to see which is the Best Windows certified Registry Cleaner on the market today...


registry cleaner reviews
registry cleaner review

So how do I compare the best registry cleaner programs? Which one do I choose?

Simply compare and read the top 5 registry cleaner reviews in our summarized Comparison Chart below.

  • A lot of older versions of registry cleaners are not compatible with the newer versions of the Windows operating system. If you are running Windows 98/XP/2000, Vista or Windows 7, double check to make sure the cleaner actually states its compatibility with your system. However, there is no need to worry with any of our 5 Registry Cleaners as they have all been certified to work on any Windows platform. Just read our registry cleaner comparison chart.

Another important consideration is checking to make sure you are getting a Windows certified cleaner. If the registry cleaner you are considering for purchase doesn't have the proper 'Windows certification' then do not buy it! As it will simply not work, or will potentially worsen your system's functionality. Again though, you will not have to worry about this with any of our reviewed products, as they are ALL Windows Certified.

Today, most people use one of the 5 most popular and best registry cleaners listed below. The 5 Registry Cleaner Reviews include: PC Health Adviser, RegCure, Registry Fix, Registry Sweep and Error Nuker. All of these 5 registry cleaners are verified to be the best in the registry marketplace and are all compatible with Windows98/XP/2000/Vista and Windows7.

Common Signs Of Registry Problems on Your Computer - Blue Screens, Computer Freezes, Windows Errors and System Crashes with Easy to Use Tools, Slow & Sluggish, Random Shut Downs, Multiple/Constant Error Messages...

Registry Cleaner Comparison Chart

Registry Cleaner
Ease of Use
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PC Health


PC Health Advisor

#1 The Best
All In One Program

***** #1 Best

#1 Best

PC Health Advisor is the next evolution of RegCure and is also developed by ParetoLogic. It has all the tools you need in one easy to use software. Can get rid off all the malware, update drivers, clean and fix your Windows registry, defragment the disk, find programs to open file extensions and clean cached information that is slowing down your computer.








***** Excellent



PC Health Advisor receives our highest vote as the best program on our registry cleaner reviews site. Guaranteed to get your computer running quickly and smoothly again in just minutes.

PC Health Advisor is also proven to boost your computer performance by an estimated 150%.





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Registry Sweep


Error Doctor


Registry Sweep offers a good value for your money; however, this software does lack many features that come standard on comparable registry cleaners.






RegClean is relatively new to the market Does things like fixing windows installer errors, repairing your Internet Explorer errors, stabilizing scripting errors and it prevents your computer from crashing and freezing. It is more geared towards the less technical crowds.


Error Nuker


Error Nuker
When we tested Error Nuker, we found that its scan took a bit longer than some of the other registry cleaners, but it performed an extensive search for problems and fixed each one completely.

A little more about registry cleaner reviews...

The Windows registry is a filing system where Windows stores all the preferences and settings of files for software and hardware drivers. Every time you install a new program, new registry entries are created.

All these activities gradually slow down your computers speed, and overall performance.  This is a very common problem that Windows based computers tend to have. The main culprit in this "aging" is the clutter that builds up over time as Windows is used dynamically (programs added and removed, settings changed, etc.)

This is Why You Need a Windows certified Registry Cleaner!

Fortunately it's very easy to clean up the registry on your PC. All you need to do is get your hands on a good, high-quality registry-repair software program. These programs will scan your computer and in seconds report all the obsolete, broken, and excess files. You can then delete them all with the click of a button.

Reading about registry cleaner reviews is the first step but cleaning up the registry is what will get rid of all the junk that clogs up your machine and causes Windows to get bogged down while trying to make sense of all those invalid entries. A registry cleaner will effectively detect and eliminate these problems. The best registry Cleaners come with simplified user interface built for both computer newbies and experts.



The Best Tool On Our Registry Cleaner Reviews!

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